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Traditional Tools & Methods
Cannot Handle the Complexity and Volume of Big Data

We use our Powerful In-House Technology, Logic Canvas, to 
Integrate All Your Data and Analytics on a Single Platform to Deliver 
Custom Automated Solutions Tailored to Your Business Logic.

Process Automation

Eliminate your Routine, yet Complex Manual Processes for Increased Efficiency


View your Data in New Ways with Dynamic Visualizations for Deeper Insight.


Apply the Principles of Machine Learning to Complex Data Sets for its Predictive Power

Automated Solutions
Leading the Big Data Revolution in Structured Finance

Process Automation

Our specialists will use Logic Canvas to eliminate your routine yet complex manual processes by designing diagrams to replicate your unique business processes.  Automations can extract, combine and transform data from multiple sources including 3rd party sources, internal excel documents, and even web searches. We will set-up interactive dashboards or reports to your specifications depending on the process that you are automating. 


Month End Pricing
An automated solution that allows a client to run more than 10,000 custom scenarios across a variety of product types in under 2.5 hours. For ease of use, the solution is based on spreadsheet overrides for all deal and asset-level assumptions and ties-out completely to IntexCalc results.
Underwriting & Surveillance
Automates the task of collecting data from multiple data sources and websites. The solution combines data from APIs, flat files, databases, and websites into a single web-based dashboard. Analysts can modify search criteria using Excel. Manual processes that normally take analysts hours is completed in a few minutes.
Trustee Data Delivery
Automate downloading of trustee reports and flat files from Trustee web portals into cloud storage. Content from PDF and CSV files can be further extracted, cleaned and delivered to a database of your choice.

We are happy to discuss the specific areas of your processes that you feel would benefit you the most.  Our technology uses modular building blocks that we use to build process automations. That means we can start by automating a small part of your current process and build-out a full solution over time. That way you get immediate benefits without waiting for a completely finished product, and the benefits can keep growing as your processes change. 

Process Automation

Portfolio Intelligence

Our specialists will use Logic Canvas to extract, combine and transform data from multiple sources and feed it to Tableau, or any other business intelligence tool of your choice for dynamic visualizations that will give you new insightful ways of looking at your data. Let us know about a visualization that would be helpful to you. We are more than happy to provide a proof of concept.

Sample Visualizations

Portfolio Intelligence

Predictive Analytics

Besides Structured Finance Product Specialists, our team also includes a PhD quant who specializes in Machine Learning. We can develop an automated solution that queries data from multiple sources to train machine learning models for either classification or regression. The machine learning models are taken from popular open-source python libraries to facilitate model validation.

We are happy share our findings and also discuss your ideas for possible applications of Machine Learning.  Click Request a Demo to fill out a contact form or give us a call to get the conversation started.

Possible Applications

  • Lending
  • Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST)
Predictive Analytics

Increase the Value of Your Data Subscriptions

Accelerate Efficiency

Save Valuable Time and Resources

Leads to Better Insights

Automation ROI

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