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Our Story

Black Swan Consulting was founded in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis to provide investors with independent and expert advice on structured finance products. We worked closely with banks, insurance companies, fund administrators, asset managers and financial regulators to deliver solutions on a wide-variety of issues.

We recognized early-on that big data would rapidly change the way structured products are analyzed. With structured finance becoming data science driven, we needed a team to reflect those changes. Our initial team of product specialists consisting of former buy traders, structurers, sales and capital market professionals grew to include developers and PhD quants.

New data sources are constantly coming online with the potential to lead to better insights.  We took on the challenge to integrate all these various sources on a central platform and to transform this mountain of data into predictive models that lead to better investment decisions. We knew from experience that a one-size fits all software solution was not the answer. We needed a whole new paradigm to solve the challenges of tomorrow. 

We designed Logic Canvas as a flexible platform that seamlessly integrates any third-party data source to build cost-effective automated models and solutions that provide actionable insights.

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