INTEX Automation

Take Your INTEX Data to the Next Level with INTEX REST API

Introducing the first

We provide easy access to all your subscribed INTEX data and cash flows without the development costs and headaches associated with implementing INTEX VCMO Wrapper. 

Every asset class is supported, giving  organizations the freedom and agility to quickly change strategy on the fly as market conditions change and opportunities arise.

Depending on the needs of your organization we offer three levels of engagement:

INTEX REST API Framework Install, INTEX Data Delivery, and INTEX Turnkey Solutions.

INTEX REST API Framework Install


For larger organizations who want easy access to INTEX data to build their own analytics without the steep learning curve and developer expertise required to work with INTEX's VCMOWRAP.

Data Delivery


For organizations that license INTEX Wrapper but wish to by-pass development altogether Black Swan offers overnight or intra-day INTEX Data Delivery. We support both internal and cloud based databases.

Turnkey Solutions


For a truly turnkey solution Black Swan will deliver custom analytics like Excel Trading Tools, Scheduled Excel Reports, or powerful Tableau Dashboards built to your specifications.

INTEX REST API Framework Install

INTEX REST API Framework Instal Icon

This option is intended for larger organizations looking for a server-side solution while maintaining full control over INTEX development. The INTEX REST API Framework can be deployed on private or public cloud servers. Your in-house application developers can make standard REST API calls to get the data they want without the steep learning curve and development expertise required to work with INTEX Wrapper.

The INTEX REST API framework covers all INTEX asset classes and wrapper functionality including historical data (deal, tranche, collateral, triggers etc.) and cash flows.


INTEX Turnkey Solution

INTEX Custom Dashboard Icon

For a truly turnkey solution, Black Swan offers fully built-to-spec INTEX analytics in both Excel and many of the most popular business intelligence tools like Tableau.  Many organizations rely on manual processes to copy and paste data into Excel. We've developed tools to automatically populate a custom designed Excel template with server-side data and calculations from INTEX and other sources. In addition, we can rapidly design a custom Tableau dashboard for enhanced data visualizations and deeper insights.    

INTEX Excel Dynamic Trading Tool


We understand firsthand how much traders and desk analysts love Excel. Our INTEX Excel Dynamic Trading Tool gives users the ability to drop in a list of securities to analyze, click a button, and watch as real-time data populates a fully customized template - all from within Excel.

Our technology specialists will design the template to fully match your specifications to include both current and historical INTEX data and complex calculations.  In addition, we will add any additional custom functionality and automations via VBA or XLL.

INTEX Excel  Scheduled Report

This option is best suited for organizations that rely on Excel for standardized scheduled reports. Unfortunately, many of these reports are generated manually with great effort.  ​

Our product specialists will work with you so your INTEX Excel Scheduled Reports will be fully customized templates. They will be designed to match your business logic and only contain the data and calculations that you want to see on a regular basis.  Reports can be delivered yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. 

INTEX Custom Tableau Dashboard


This option is ideal for portfolio and risk managers with unique processes that want to see Structured Finance data in whole new ways. ​

Our implementation developers will work closely with you to customize all aspects of the dashboard to meet all reporting needs and provide ongoing enhancements.

Clients can freely choose between any combination of database and dashboard framework. We support popular business intelligence tools including Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI.

INTEX Data Delivery

INTEX Data Delivey Icon

For organizations that license INTEX Wrapper but wish to by-pass development altogether, Black Swan offers overnight or intra-day INTEX Data Delivery. We will provide all extracted data that has been scrubbed and transformed to your specifications in a ready-to-use database. This solution is intended for data scientists and financial analysts. 

We support all major database servers, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft Access. In addition, we offer hosting through cloud databases such as Azure SQL and Amazon RDS.