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Cloud Components

A new approach to rapidly develop & deploy custom analytics.

1. Data Source Integration

Pre-built components are designed to take you from 

Hindsight to Insight to Foresight

Black Swan's Cloud Analytics has 6 pre-built components in the cloud ready for customization and rapidly assembly.

There are components to fulfill all your analytic needs: integrate data from various sources, apply necessary calculations and models, visualize your data and create reports, develop function specific web applications and even apply machine learning and AI for predictive analytics all on one platform.


Leave behind the days of tedious, manual analysis & expensive, bloated, one-size must fit all vendor software.

Explore the pre-built components already in the Cloud

ready to be customized.


Data Source Integration

Identify the Data to Power your Analytic Solution


Financial organizations juggle a wide variety of data types from various sources such as:

market data, transactional data, pricing data, deal data, trustee reports, news and more.

We have the experience and expertise to set-up automated data capturing strategies that accurately extract, transform and load data from just about any source into either a local or cloud-based data warehouse.

Data Capturing Strategies

Some ways we extract data from various sources include:​



Database Extraction


Flat File Extraction


Web Scraping


Sample Data Sources

2. Aggregration & Harmonization


Data Aggregation & Harmonization

Create Multi-purpose Data Warehouse

We cross-validate data to create a single source-of-truth data warehouse and document all data fields. The data warehouse is the basis of our web-based Cygnet Solutions and can also power other reporting solutions and analysis to meet the needs of your organization.  

3. Calculations & Models


Calculations & Models

Implement Custom Business Logic & Apply Advanced Models

With all data from various sources now in a centralized data warehouse we can implement your custom business logic, run different scenarios including Monte Carlo simulations and apply advanced models and calculations.  Our unique platform can incorporate your own models or we can rapidly develop custom models to meet your needs. Calculations can be applied at the security, portfolio or manager level and are scheduled to run overnight or based on any custom time-frame. 

Our solution supports three of the most popular and powerful programming languages: .NET, Python and R. The combination covers many Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning libraries and facilitates advanced model development from quantitative analysts.



Data Visualization & Reports

Embedded Modern BI

Combining transformed data and analytics from all your different sources can reveal unprecedented insights. Interactive visualizations and reports auto refresh as new data comes in so you always have the latest information.  Our quantitative analysts can quickly develop complex reporting dashboards using BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI or QlikView and embed it natively into the solution.


Sample Visualizations

4. Data Visualization & Reports
5. Web Application
6. Artificial Intelligence


Web Application

All-In-One Place, Accessible from Any Device 24/7

A custom web application will automate your business logic into a fully interactive, dynamic solution that incorporates all your data, calculations, scenarios, models, visualizations and reports on a single platform.


Traditional desktop software has generic bloated features and requires complex IT installation and support. Our powerful web-based solution is custom designed around your unique workflow and to achieve the specific goals of your organization.  

Sample Web Applications

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  • Trade Management System
  • Underwriting Automation
  • CLO Order Management


The Bold Future. Waiting to be Explored.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future of predictive analytics and will take you from insight to foresight. Black Swan's Cloud Analytics is designed to easily integrate machine learning models into your custom web application. We utilize modified machine learning models from popular open-source python libraries to facilitate model validation. Our multi-disciplinary team includes PhD quants that can develop automated solutions that query large data sets to train models for trading, asset allocation and risk management. 


Take your Analytics from

Hindsight to Insight to Foresight

Artificial Intelligence

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