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Black Swan Provides a

Full Range of

Structured Finance

Services & Solutions 

The Expertise, Technology & Drive to

Solve the Most Complex Challenges in Structured Finance

Black Swan is an independent advisory firm that offers a full range of Consulting Services,

INTEX Automations and Cloud Analytics - cost-effective, custom-built, web-based applications to automate your analytics from hindsight to insight to foresight.


Consulting Services

Our team is available to consult on wide range of structured finance areas, either as a one-off or an ongoing engagement.  Explore some of the ways we've recently been helping clients.

INTEX Automation

Take Your Intex Data to the Next Level

As INTEX experts, we developed the first and only INTEX REST API framework to make both current and historical INTEX data and cashflows easily accessible without the development costs and headaches associated with implementing INTEX Wrapper.  Depending on the size and needs of your organization we offer 3 levels of solutions.

INTEX REST API Framework Install

For larger organizations who want easy access to INTEX data to build their own analytics without the steep learning curve and developer expertise required to work with INTEX's VCMOWRAP.

Data Delivery

For organizations that license INTEX Wrapper but wish to by-pass development altogether Black Swan offers overnight or intra-day INTEX Data Delivery. We support both internal and cloud based databases.

Custom Analytics

For a truly turnkey solution Black Swan will deliver custom analytics like Excel Trading Tools, Scheduled Excel Reports, or powerful Tableau Dashboards built to your specifications.


Cloud Analytics

Turnkey Technology: Rapidly Scale the Analytics Mountain 

From Hindsight to Insight to Foresight

Black Swan's Cloud Analytics is our process to rapidly develop and deploy cost-effective, web-based analytics that are customized to automate and streamline the specific business processes of any sized financial institution. 


Fully interactive, dynamic solutions incorporate all your data, calculations, scenarios, models, visualizations and reports on a single platform.

Cloud Analytics

Custom Solutions

Black Swan's Cloud Analytics also offers cost-effective custom solutions for financial institutions of any size to streamline and automate their workflow.  You bring your data sources and business logic and our team can rapidly assemble a solution tailored to your specifications.  Our solutions are transparent, flexible and scaleable so they can grow with you as your business changes over time.

Product Coverage

We cover a wide variety of structured products. Here is a partial list we help clients with most often:

  • CLO / Leveraged Loans

  • CMBS


  • RMBS

  • CMO

    • US Agency​

    • Private Label

  • ABS

  • CDO

  • Direct Lending / Private Debt

  • Whole Loans

  • TruPS

  • & more

Our Office

Black Swan Consulting

401 Broadway, Suite 1112
New York, NY 10013

Phone: 917-338-2380

Fax: 646-225-7235

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Start a Conversation

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Why Clients

Choose Black Swan

Industry Applications Across Multiple Functions

Cloud Analytics can boost efficiency of financial institutions of all sizes by streamlining processes across multiple roles and functions:

  • Research

  • Underwriting

  • Portfolio Management

  • Trading

  • Risk Management

  • Stress Testing

  • Valuations

  • & more

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